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Russia is a worth a mention here. It has got cheaper to visit over the past five years or so due to the depreciation of its currency. However given its size, there are some significant regional variations to consider and obviously if you want to travel the length of the country in just a few weeks, you will need to allow for considerably more. South Korea is another developed country that is a lot cheaper than many people realise.

Get some tips on budget travel in Korea here! Mozambique is a good example of an African country that can be quite pricey to travel in, likewise Uruguay in South America. If you fancy a touch of the Caribbean, this kind of budget should be sufficient for our two week Jamaica itinerary.

A real cross-section of countries from different regions are sitting comfortably in mid-table.

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Portugal is still good value when compared to nearby countries while Brazil and Chile are expensive by South American standards. Some of these countries are already almost 3 times as expensive as the dirt cheap destinations and we are only half way down the table. Hong Kong also makes this section and although it has a reputation as an expensive place, the fact you spend very little on travelling around as it is so small and can still get cheap beds in hostels on Hong Kong island or Kowloon makes it reasonably affordable.

That said it is certainly pricier than mainland China. Croatia is perhaps the best example of an Eastern European country which has really got more expensive in recent years as it has grown into a hugely popular tourist destination. Costs are roughly similar to Spain but in both countries you can find better value by avoiding the main coastal resorts towns or by travelling out of the peak summer season.

New Zealand. Backpacking bargains will seem like a distant memory almost as quickly as your trusty savings will diminish. Britain is also better value for visitors now thanks to Brexit but that could change depending on how things pan out with that over the course of and beyond.

Costs in Canada vary wildly depending on how much travelling around you do. These are some of the most expensive countries in the world to travel in. Australia, despite its popularity with backpackers, is by no means a budget travel destination. Check out our backpacking route for Australia here! Switzerland meanwhile may have nice mountains and cheese but is quite frankly a total rip-off! If you do travel to any of the more expensive countries and even some of the cheaper ones, then options such as couchsurfing , camping or even Airbnb can help you save on accommodation.

How Much Does Traveling the World Cost? ( World Travel Budget)

A good way to truly make your money go further and therefore make your trip last longer is to use Worldpackers , an excellent platform for finding placements in countries around the world. Essentially it allows you to use your skills in exchange for free accommodation and food, which will shrink your daily backpacking budget considerably. There are some good reference points that are worth checking and sites such as Budget Your Trip and Be My Travel Muse may also aid you in the process of budgeting for your next adventure although the wide range of figures quoted online makes it a frustrating task.

We also welcome people contacting us to let us know their spending habits in different countries and we have made a few revisions on the back of this. Please remember the figures are based on staying in a budget hostel dorm, travelling by local transport and eating and drinking in local restaurants and street stalls.

If you are more flashpacker than backpacker you can expect to spend more than this.

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling When You Have No Money

Again, this is not an exact science! It is impossible for us or anyone to say how much you will spend on your trip as everyone and every trip is different so please use the table as a guideline and only that! Prices can vary within countries, for example big or capital cities are often much more expensive as are popular package tourist regions such as Cancun in Mexico for example so bare this in mind when planning your trips. China, Russia, Indonesia and Malaysia are other countries where there are huge regional differences in prices sometimes to the extent where certain regions are twice as expensive as other parts of the same country.

This tends to be the case more in bigger countries but not always. From obtaining a passport, knowing which shots are required, how and what to pack, to finding your way around, the book embraces particulars any traveler must know. Further areas include the pros and cons of driving, obtaining traveler's insurance, safety precautions as well as a section on general tips and helpful hints.

These and many other topics can be found in the pages of this "how to" guide. Using a backpack as a suitcase sets a person apart immediately from those who choose to go the hotel and tour group route. Oftentimes, backpackers are more independent, usually more adventurous and definitely more concerned about watching every dollar spent.

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Therefore, budgeting and ways to keep spending to a minimum are a constant theme. Whether you are a first time traveler or one who has been abroad on numerous occasions, the information provided can be helpful to you.

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  • Purchasing a copy of Have Backpack Will Travel will prove to be a wise investment. Product Details About the Author. About the Author Dr. Along with his college career, he is also an author and a speaker. Beginning in college, he began his travels both in the United States and overseas.

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    Thus far, he has journeyed to forty-four countries and 32 states. Many of those trips involved taking his backpack and traveling "on a shoestring. A major goal of writing this book is to offer advice and tips that will encourage everyone to travel and see as much of this vast blue planet as possible.

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