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No other details about the incident were released, but officials said it is under investigation.

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He deployed to Afghanistan in December, and had been awarded the Purple Heart on the deployment, according to released information. Joseph P.

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We extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to his Family and friends," Col. David K. He enlisted on July 7, and was assigned to his current unit in July , officials with U. Special Operations Command said in a statement. He had previously deployed five times to Iraq and once to Tajikistan in support of a counter-narcotics mission.

Defense Department identifies two soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Jet Goodreads Author. Sam and Bridget Turin have a seemingly perfect life until the unfortunate death of their daughter. When a lost little girl named Melia needs a home, they seem like the perfect candidates to take her in. Everybody around the little girl is concerned by her odd behavior and the strange circumstances of her arrival. Everybody except for Bridget Turin, whose blind motherly love Sam and Bridget Turin have a seemingly perfect life until the unfortunate death of their daughter.

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  • Everybody except for Bridget Turin, whose blind motherly love overrides any other sensible instinct. Will her refusal to face reality cost her life? Excerpt: Sometime in the night, Melia slipped into bed with Bridget. Sam got crowded and moved to the couch He tried to be understanding, but couldn't help feeling aggravated as he went back to sleep. Bridget instinctively encircled Melia without waking and drifted to dream.

    The Real Story of Collette Moreno's Viral "Selfie Death"

    The day was cold; blustery. The weathered, leafless trees looked barren against the tumultuous grey sky. She pulled her coat around her, felt her heart pounding. She stood in a graveyard. Ahead of her stood an open casket and chairs set up for a funeral, but no one was there. Bridget crept toward the casket. She wanted to run away, but was drawn forward. Even though the true version of this dream funeral had been completely different, bile rose in her throat for she knew who was in the casket.

    As she approached, her dread was confirmed. There among the white satin inside the casket, lay her beloved daughter.

    Collette's shining long blonde locks were splayed perfectly over the cushion where her head rested. Bridget couldn't help but absorb every inch of her. Collette's delicate features. The sprinkling of freckles across her nose. The luxurious eyelashes resting against her pale cheeks. Her tiny hands clasped as if in prayer across her chest. Bridget could barely breathe as she reached out to touch her daughter.

    The Real Story of Collette Moreno's Viral "Selfie Death"

    Then, the heavy lid of the coffin viscously slammed shut. Bridget reared back, narrowly avoiding catching her hand in the lid of Collette's coffin. And behind the coffin stood Melia. Her hands like claws were perched atop the coffin. Her eyes flickered an unearthly rage. Her chest rose and fell with rapid breaths. From inside the closed casket, Bridget's dead daughter began to scream.

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    Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 21 pages. Published June 13th by M Jet first published June 10th More Details Original Title. The insurgents often exaggerate their battlefield claims and it was impossible to confirm whether the fighting Mujahid was referring to was the same combat in which the two U. An Afghan lawmaker from Kunduz province, Abdul Wodood Payman, said there was heavy fighting overnight in the Kunduz neighborhood of Taluka, where jet fighters roared overhead and bombings could be heard.

    He had no additional information. There are about 14, U.

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    • In , after the Sept. The Pentagon has recently been developing plans to withdraw up to half of the American forces still in the country while at the same time stepping up efforts and having the U. But he was unable to persuade the Taliban to launch talks with the Afghan government.

      The Taliban have consistently refused to talk with the government in Kabul, describing it as a U.